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How is world economics fueling discrimination to destroy our planet?

It has taken just one remarkable mixed-race family to punch enough holes in humanity’s worst trait, that now people and institutions who discriminate are humiliated as the minority, AND because of this, a sustainable world could be in sight.

After an intense 5-year battle, a mixed-race family in London stood up to and exploited England’s discriminating establishment, showing how being institutionalised fuels instinct to discriminate. They proved how it is instinct for minorities to always get the raw-deal when change is needed which negatively affects everyone’s way of life. The more this family exposed this, the more the establishment conspired to hide it and look ridiculous. Eventually, this uncovered a direct link to how discrimination has instinctively shaped the world’s instability…

How much more horrifying change of life do you need, to accept extreme change is happening with or without you?

Today’s Economics – The value of each country’s currency can be looked at as how better it is at helping consume and hoard more resources and possessions than others. Likewise, although the world’s biggest economies have the largest carbon footprints and they discriminate against the smaller economies who have the least. Only now people are starting to accept that current world economics is unsustainable and this is destroying our planet. It is, therefore, reasonable to accept that the instinct to consume and hoard more than others, represents the most abhorrent human characteristics that is naturally causing more climate change (fires, flooding and storms), more wars, more discrimination and more mass migration. The UK’s Brexit (2016 – 2019)  lost many millions each day, over a 3-year fight about the best ways to optimize the destruction of our planet. Central to this argument was the irony of uncontrolled people flow.

Climate Change and Pandemics Vs. Way of Life – The world has experienced more disasters over many recent years. Key contributors have always been the wealthiest nations, so now we have Coronavirus infecting the wealthiest nations, can the need for change be any more inevitable? Nobody wants any kind of change that negatively affects their way of life. BUT, the change needed to save our planet is by default exactly this. Look at most of the world’s climate activists who simply campaign for a magic wand.  They are getting what they want but do not like the change to their way of life; severe world recession and many people dying before their time. BUT, the world’s climate is breathing a sigh of relief.

Sustainable New World Economics – To match the complexities of the 21st-century human race, a complex holistic world economy is needed to reverse today’s way of life. Ironically, we will not have the technology or the willingness to measure wealth holistically, until discrimination ends so that true global collaboration can start. We must now embrace true wealth not based on instinct to consume and hoard more, but to consume and hoard the least, the value of helping others and the value this provides everyone and everything. Everyone knows a “Mr or Mrs do good” who will do anything for anyone. Many discriminate against them but they are in fact the most valuable people on the planet.

Positive or Negative Change? – Positive change is on the horizon, but the huge changes ahead of us because of the Coronavirus will mean there will be huge discrimination.  Unless humanity heeds these warnings and instinct to discriminate stops, then more of the world’s negative changes will worsen.

What is Discrimination?

Donna Hillocks Bexley Council, “You are a minority so you will be treated this way throughout your daily life.”

Discrimination is prejudiced treatment, or consideration of, or making a distinction towards, a person based on the group, class, or category to which they are perceived to belong. From the colour of a person’s skin, or their religion, or even who they have fallen in love with and married. Discrimination is instinctive within all prejudiced groups; Sexism, Nationalism, Classism, Sexual discrimination, Racism, Religious discrimination, Linguistic discrimination, Neurological discrimination.

What is Institutional Discrimination?

Institutional discrimination refers to the unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society and its institutions as a whole, through unequal selection or bias, intentional or unintentional; as opposed to individuals making a conscious choice to discriminate. Bexley Council was identified as the UK’s most discriminating council, but many more have since been identified.

Inspiring the Change

There is always much irony from realities that do not fit prejudiced groups’ way of life. One irony is how this mixed-race family showed that the right mix of race produces enough innovative resolve to defeat the largest of bigoted institutions. Uniting minorities and finally exposing discrimination as the joke that it is, the initial council humiliating this family (Bexley) eventually humiliated the establishment that they stood for. What this family has achieved and recent world events have encouraged UK leaders to begin talks with this family’s sponsors on how to lead this change. To encourage the start of this, preparations are now underway for an internationally led campaign and use this family’s story to humiliate how such corruption has become a culture inside many institutions. You can read how this family:

London Families Defeat Institutional Discrimination 

Community CCTV

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